Volunteers needed for Bingo

Hello Everyone! In order to more easily coordinate our Bingo volunteers, we’ve set up the schedule on Sign-up, a simple volunteer website.

Simply click the link below to see available times and sign up. (You will need to use the email sign-up versus sign up through FB.) We will establish a training time as well as a training video for reference to ensure volunteers feel comfortable with the responsibilities. We are looking to cover 15 Friday’s this summer from 7:15-8:45. We’re hoping with almost 200 cabins this will be a simple task. (Once these are filled we will try to add Saturday’s if there is interest and available volunteers.)

This not only brings patrons to the Pavilion to support the Shore, it will also serve as a significant revenue source for MBLCA. Please consider giving a few hours of your time to help us keep this going!!

Please go to https://signup.com/go/muKAAko to sign up or call Stacey Lang at 701-400-2343.