New Pavilion vendor for the 2024 Season Announced!

The MBLCA is proud to announce our new vendor for the 2024 season. Please join us in welcoming Mike Popham and Desi with the opening of Gramma Jo’s Shoreside Bar and Eatery!

Mike is originally from the North Platte, NB area and moved to ND in 2013 to work in the oilfield in Welding. He is currently employed in the Maintenance Dept on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.
Desi is originally from Watford City and has been a resident of Minot since 1993. She has 3 sons, Dylan (26), Brandon (25), and Jackson (18), 1 grandson, Kieran and  family in the Minot area. She is a former radio DJ and has been performing on stage as Shania Too doing a live musical tribute to Shania Twain for the past 20+ years. She is currently employed at Trinity Health in Minot.

Together, Mike and Desi own D&D Karaoke/DJ Service and in 2020, became owners of Gramma Jo’s Eatery (original location) in Sawyer.The Sawyer location holds a special place in their hearts as it was named after Desi’s mom (She passed in 2021), a woman who brought sweetness, love and laughter to the world and to the restaurant whenever she was there. They are so excited to be opening another location in her name.

Paula Kraft, will be acting as their on site manager in Brush Lake.  She is currently the kitchen supervisor at the Sawyer school but will take over full management duties at the Pavilion this summer. She also works part time for Mike and Desi as a cook and bartender in Sawyer. She is a previous manager for the Benedict bar, bringing lots of business and social experience with her.

Mike Popham, Gramma Jo, Desi
Paula Kraft, Brush Lake Site Manager

MBLCA Accepting Pavilion vendor interest for the 2024 Summer

The MBLCA will be looking for a Pavilion vendor through March 28th. Anyone interested in operating a restaurant out of the Pavilion for this summer should contact a Pavilion committee member (Stacey, Russ and Russ) prior to this date. Any confirmed progress on this will be provided to the MBLCA members through Facebook updates. Contact info can be found on our website contact us page– text/calls to the phone numbers provided would be preferred as emails may not be checked regularly.

2023 Brush Lake Rec Board/MBLCA Spring Meeting

June 10th 10am-noon

10am- Rec Board, MBLCA Board meeting to follow. This meeting will be streamed on Facebook Live for members that are unable to attend. If you have an item you would like included on the agenda, please reach out to one of the board members, their contact info can be found here:


2022 Fall MBLCA Meeting

Saturday, Sept 3rd 10am-11am at Rosie’s Bar and Grill/Pavilion at Brush Lake. Meeting will be streamed on Facebook Live for members that are unable to attend.  If you have an item you would like included on the agenda, please reach out to one of the board members, their contact info can be found here: 

MBLCA Fall Meeting – Saturday, September 3rd – 10:00 AM – AGENDA

  1. Review of Spring Meeting’s Minutes – Motion and Approval
  2. Thank you to Rose Becker & Her Team – Rosie’s Bar & Grill – Great Year
  3. Financial Committee
    1. Financial Report, Sonya – Motion and Approval
    2. Association Memberships Status – Unpaid can still pay
    3. Upcoming Expenses – Anything Pressing?
    4. Other
  4. Pavilion Committee
    1. Facilities Update
    2. Any Improvements or Concerns for Next Season
    3. Other
  5. Grounds Committee
    1. Public Beach Plan – Work in Progress – Need Cleanup and More Sand
    2. Shelters – 3 Have New Roofs & Planning to convert one to BB Court
    3. Thank you Lucky’s, Polar Package & Mark Fetch for Donation
    4. Thank you Tom and Schmidty from Blue Lake for getting them completed
    5. VB Court – Plan to update next spring.
    6. Camp Grounds – Improve or Leave As Is?
    7. Other Projects?
  6. Remaining Summer Events/Schedule
    1. Rodeo
      1. 50/50 Volunteers – Need Help – See Sonya
  7. Other
    1. Brush Lake Apparel
    2. Towels & Misc. still available
    3. Pavilion Schedule for Boats & Jet Skis
      1. Increase In Cost
  8. Elections of Open Positions – Motion and Approval
  9. Items from the Floor/Membership
  10. Close – Motion and Approval

Brush Lake Online Apparel Fundraiser, June 2-12

Hello Everyone! The MBLCA has new designs and apparel/products to pick from this year! You can order now through June 12th, check it out! (As a reminder, this is also a fundraiser for the MBLCA, so you get cool new lake stuff and can help out the lake as a bonus!) I was told orders will be back in 3-5 weeks after the deadline so anticipated pick up will be sometime between July 4-22. Order Here:

Brush Lake Clean-up June 16-28

Clean-up for Brush Lake is set for June 16-28, a roll off will be placed in the parking lot by the Pavilion. The roll off is for Brush Lake cabin owners to dispose of large items that won’t normally fit in a regular dumpster. NOT ALLOWED: Trees, branches, wood, grass clippings, household hazardous waste (pesticides, paints, thinners, etc.), fluorescent bulbs, propane tanks, refrigerators or freezers, televisions or other large electronics, tires, batteries, mattresses, cars, or motorcycles. If any of the above are found, we WILL be charged extra. Just be smart and be kind. Thanks!

2022 Halloween in July- July 16th, 7-9pm

Kids (and adults too) dig out those costumes!Adults stock up on treats, park your lawn chairs at the road side of your cabins and socialize with your lake community!Balloons will be available at the Shore this weekend and next to hang roadside to mark your cabin as participating or decorate your cabin for Halloween.Trick or Treaters (and parents), make your way around the lake carefully. There may be lots of kids capitalizing on free candy