MBLCA seeks operator for Pavilion for 2022 Summer Season

The Mercer Brush Lake Community Association seeks an operator of its restaurant and bar located in the Brush Lake Pavilion on beautiful Brush Lake for the 2022 summer season. Brush Lake is located 2 miles North of Mercer North Dakota and is home to over 170 cabin owners. The Pavilion features a full service bar and restaurant. A written proposal should include the following:

1. A vision for this tenured establishment including menu ideas, hours of operation and strategies for maximizing service to the lake community.

2. A plan to staff the facility in rural North Dakota

3. A marketing plan

4. A solid fiscal plan to execute all of the above

Please mail your response to Brush Lake Pavilion RFP PO Box 84 Mercer, ND 58559. You may also email your response to: Katiefiechtner@gmail.com

Responses must be received by Friday September 25th. The proposal process includes in-person interviews with members of the Association’s Board.

Survey Results- 2021 Association Survey

Which option best describes your affiliation with the Brush Lake community?

  • Cabin Owners 94.74%
  • Homeowner within the surrounding community  5.26%

Are you a Mercer Brush Lake Community Association member?

  • Yes- 84.21%
  • No- 15.79%

If the association provided additional family type activities (ex. a lake community picnic or game night) would you and your family likely to attend???

  • Yes- 74.36%
  • No- 25.64%

If the association coordinated additional safety training (ATV courses, etc.) do you have youth that would be willing to attend? (Course is for ages 12-18)

  • Yes- 30.77%
  • No- 69.23%

Do you believe the association should be engaged in activity, projects or ventures that attempt to secure long term income for the community association?

  • Yes- 63.16%
  • No- 36.84%

If it were available would you be interested in up front funding and/or long term year round cold storage unit rental on MBLA property?

  • Yes- 42.50%
  • No- 57.50%

Do you feel that the current MBLCA board is adequately serving the association’s needs?

  • Yes- 97.36%
  • No- 2.63%

What is your preferred method of communication?

  • Email- 62.50%
  • Social Media- 55%
  • Paper/Mail- 15%
  • Website- 10%

2021 Annual Halloween in July- July 17th 7-9pm

Kids (and adults too) dig out those costumes!Adults stock up on treats, park your lawn chairs at the road side of your cabins and socialize with your lake community!Balloons will be available at the Shore this weekend and next to hang roadside to mark your cabin as participating or decorate your cabin for Halloween.Trick or Treaters (and parents), make your way around the lake carefully. There may be lots of kids capitalizing on free candy

Garbage Clean up Week- June 21-30th

As a reminder, items such as Appliances, Electronics, Oil, Box Springs/Mattresses, Propane Tanks, Building Materials, Concrete, Hazardous Waste and Tires will not be accepted.

Please help to enforce this if you see someone dumping unacceptable items in the garbage bins as this is a contracted service that we want to continue. Thank you!

Rock Painting at the lake- June 12th- 10:30am-12:30pm

Kids, join us for some rock painting fun at the Pavilion this Saturday morning! All supplies will be provided except the rocks. If you are having trouble finding rocks I’m sure your friends on the north side of the lake can help you out 🙂 (Adults are welcome too!!)

Here’s a link for some great creative rock painting ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY9r-oMOG-A

Image Source: http://essyjae.com/2018/07/26/rock-painting-ideas/

Reports of Theft within the Brush Lake Area

McLean County Sheriff’s Department would like to warn the Brush Lake community that there has been confirmed theft in the area. The items of interest have been catalytic converters from vehicles, snowmobiles, and tools. There is a potential that some of these items may have been retrieved through forced entry into buildings. Please check on your property and belongings as you are able and keep an eye out for your neighbors as well. If you have evidence regarding potential or confirmed theft on your property or any property in this area to please contact Lieutenant Krohmer or Detective Matties at 701-462-8103.