Survey Results- 2021 Association Survey

Which option best describes your affiliation with the Brush Lake community?

  • Cabin Owners 94.74%
  • Homeowner within the surrounding community  5.26%

Are you a Mercer Brush Lake Community Association member?

  • Yes- 84.21%
  • No- 15.79%

If the association provided additional family type activities (ex. a lake community picnic or game night) would you and your family likely to attend???

  • Yes- 74.36%
  • No- 25.64%

If the association coordinated additional safety training (ATV courses, etc.) do you have youth that would be willing to attend? (Course is for ages 12-18)

  • Yes- 30.77%
  • No- 69.23%

Do you believe the association should be engaged in activity, projects or ventures that attempt to secure long term income for the community association?

  • Yes- 63.16%
  • No- 36.84%

If it were available would you be interested in up front funding and/or long term year round cold storage unit rental on MBLA property?

  • Yes- 42.50%
  • No- 57.50%

Do you feel that the current MBLCA board is adequately serving the association’s needs?

  • Yes- 97.36%
  • No- 2.63%

What is your preferred method of communication?

  • Email- 62.50%
  • Social Media- 55%
  • Paper/Mail- 15%
  • Website- 10%

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