Rec District Sewer Project

The City Council of Mercer is creating an Improvement District during their March 19th meeting to start the process of repairing and replacing their city sewer system.  The Brush Lake Recreational District had indicated to the Council that they were interested in getting sanitary sewer service to Brush Lake property owners.  As a result, the City is considering adding all properties adjacent to Brush Lake in the Improvement Districts planning, project and special assessment process.

I’ve included a scan of the letter sent by Ulteig Engineering in this message for your review here: BRN30055C095BC0_000846

If you have questions about this process or its impact on you as a cabin owner, please direct them to Errol Behm, Brush Lake Recreation District, PO Box 251, Bismarck ND 58502, 701-223-2331 or

I’ll invite the Rec District to speak at our next meeting.

Water Project Update

Hi folks, this is Dan again with another water project update.  I got a chance to speak with AE2S a few weeks ago and they were happy with how things are progressing.  They said the contractors doing the work are trying to keep things moving through the winter as the weather allows, so you may see them on-and-off through the snowy months.

The main line installation is almost complete, no serious problems were encountered.

The project is still on track to be complete early in the 2015 season.  They’re shooting for June to have the yard equipment finished and have water testing done on a cabin-by-cabin basis.  They need to see a certain amount of chlorine in the water or it’s not considered safe to drink.   Most cabin owners at some point should hear from AE2S as soon as the ground thaws and yard equipment starts going in again to wrap up planning.  They have your contact information from the cabin owners list.

The engineers on the project suggest getting in contact with plumbers now if you plan on having water lines run from the yard equipment to your cabin.  They also suggested that until a plumbing contractor can get to you, feel free to use the yard hydrant to connect water to your cabin using a drinking-water (RV) hose.


Water Project Update

I just finished speaking with Cory from AE2S Engineering regarding the Brush Lake rural water project.  He reports construction is going well.  They were worried about rock and ground water but haven’t run into any big issues putting in the main line.  They anticipate it will be difficult to predict the project’s timeline as they start digging in people’s yards to install the meter pit, curb stop and hydrant.

They are on schedule to get the main line and most yard equipment installed before the ground freezes.  In the spring, they are planning to do one more system flush, after which most subscribers should be able to have hose water available to them from the hydrants.  After that, it will be up to each individual subscriber to contact a company to install water lines to their cabins, if desired.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want year-round water, you may not want the hydrant installed at all.  The hydrant serves two purposes – to provide an outdoor “anytime” water source and to blow out the underground pipe after the curb stop valve is closed.  It will be difficult to keep the hydrant from freezing and breaking if it’s not blown out.  If you have a hydrant now and want to convert later to year-round water (no winterizing) you can have your water turned off and have a contractor remove the hydrant from the line.  If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact AE2S directly at 701-221-0530 and ask for an engineer in charge of the Brush Lake water project.  They will be sure your questions are answered and will do what they can to help make sure your water system is installed to your specifications.

Pavilion Available for Lease

The Mercer Brush Lake Community Association is offering the Pavilion for lease starting the 2015 Spring to Fall season.

The Pavilion sits right along the shores of beautiful Brush Lake in Mercer, North Dakota and is a staple of the lake community’s regular activities. If you have ever been interested in running your own restaurant, catering, or entertainment facility, this is a money-making opportunity that rarely comes along.  The previous lessors have offered to give the new tenant advice and assistance in getting started.  For more info on the Pavilion, click here.

Contact Anne Greene at 701-426-0943 for more information!

Water Project

The rural water project is moving forward!  If you haven’t noticed, the construction crew is burying water pipe along highway 41 and is almost to the lake.  You don’t have to participate in the water project, but if you want to and haven’t yet signed up, contact project director Lynn Oberg at 701-400-7793.

Brushapalooza 2014 is almost here!

Brushapalooza is an annual Brush Lake event put on by Mark Fetch and friends and supported by a number of regional companies.  There are one-time-printing shirts and tank tops available at the Pavilion and things happening all day to keep you busy and entertained!

This link will take you to the event page where you can put it on your calendar and visit the Facebook group for any updates:

Brushapalooza 2014 shirts are IN!

You can get your Brushapalooza 2014 shirts at B.L. Boondocks starting Thursday night after 8PM, then ongoing through July during B.L. Boondocks normal operating hours.  Hurry, these are a one-time only printing and the supply is limited!  Shirts will be $15 each, cash or check.  If writing a check, make it out to Silicon Plains, LLC.brushapalooza2014mensfront brushapalooza2014shirtsback brushapalooza2014womensfront

The website’s almost done!

We’re almost done with the new Brush Lake website.  Finally, a place to go where you can find vendor information, an events calendar and information about the latest happenings at Brush.  Excuse the few pages we still have that contain temporary content; that’ll be gone in a few days.

Thank you to the team at Silicon Plains for their help in getting this going so quickly.