The Brush Lake Recreation District has posted an update on the Brush Lake Sewer Project.

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Here’s the latest on the Brush Lake Sewer Project:


JUNE 17 2015



At the annual meeting of the Brush Lake Recreational Service District held on June 6

at Brush Lake, a motion was seconded to allow Ulteig Engineering to do a study of all

cabins on the lake of their existing sewers. This is the first step that needs to be done before a lake

sewer system would be installed. There is a possibility that if we did go ahead we could tie into the

Mercer lagoon, but that has not been discussed yet. This might be an option.

They will report back to us at the annual cabin owners meeting on Labor Day weekend of their results

and any recommendations for the lake as a whole. No further action will be taken without vote of all

cabin owners whether to proceed or not.


Respectfully submitted,

Recreation Service District