Rec District Sewer Project

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The City Council of Mercer is creating an Improvement District during their March 19th meeting to start the process of repairing and replacing their city sewer system.  The Brush Lake Recreational District had indicated to the Council that they were interested in getting sanitary sewer service to Brush Lake property owners.  As a result, the City is considering adding all properties adjacent to Brush Lake in the Improvement Districts planning, project and special assessment process.

I’ve included a scan of the letter sent by Ulteig Engineering in this message for your review here: BRN30055C095BC0_000846

If you have questions about this process or its impact on you as a cabin owner, please direct them to Errol Behm, Brush Lake Recreation District, PO Box 251, Bismarck ND 58502, 701-223-2331 or

I’ll invite the Rec District to speak at our next meeting.