This page is dedicated to providing access to MBLCA by-laws, meeting minutes, etc.

Current elected board members of the MBLCA are:

  • Ken Bischof (President): 1st term expires Fall 2022
  • Stacey Lang (Secretary/Communications): 3rd term expires Fall 2023
  • Sonya Wanner (Treasurer): 3rd term expires Fall 2023
  • Mike Fennewald: 3rd term expires Fall 2023
  • Russ Sorenson: 2nd term expires Fall 2022
  • Katie Fiechtner: 1st term expires Fall 2022
  • Jeremy Bauer: 1st term expires Fall 2024
  • Russ Heaton: 1st term expires Fall 2024
  • Justin Adolf: 1st term expires Fall 2025

MBCLA Committees

The MBCLA board is comprised of 3 committees, the Finance committee, the Pavilion committee and the Grounds committee. If you have questions/concerns regarding any of these primary areas of oversight, please reach out to the individuals within the respective committee:

Board Meeting Schedule

Association meetings are held 2-3x per year. The spring meeting is held in conjunction with the Rec board meeting one of the first Saturdays in June. The fall meeting is held the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

MBLCA Association Meeting 2023 Schedule

  • Spring Meeting: Saturday, June 10th @ 9am- Pavilion Spring 2023 Meeting Minutes
  • Fall Meeting: Saturday, September 2nd @ 10am- Pavilion

Board Business Meeting 2023 Schedule

If there is something that you would like addressed at an upcoming meeting please contact the committee to which your concern/question would apply to and ask your item to the agenda. Business meetings are typically held with board members only during the off-season to discuss and continue operations but can include association members by request. The 2023 schedule is as follows:

  • April 26th, 2023
  • More to TBD based on need

Past meeting notes

Pre-spring- Business Board Meeting Minutes

Fall 2022 Meeting Minutes

Spring 2022 Meeting Minutes

Fall 2021- October 11th, 6pm– Special Session to review vendor applicants

Fall 2021- Friday, September 10th board meeting minutes